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This strategic plan of Nablus city has been prepared and developed based on in-depth discussions and meetings with a number of local civil society organizations in cooperation with Nablus Chamber of Commerce and An-Najah National University. The process in conducting the strategic plan has been initiated in January 2007 when Nablus Municipality called the local public and private institutions for an intensive workshop in order to share views and thoughts with the local community on Nablus development priorities. During the workshop, Nablus Municipality executive officials have presented to the audience the recent infrastructural projects and achievements that have been already implemented. A questionnaire that compiles a list of Nablus priorities and needs has been distributed among participants to ensure a wide range of community participation. The outcome of prioritization process has been subject to an intensive discussion about the importance of each eventually resulted in the ranking of these priorities according to their urgency. 

The produced preliminary report focuses more on the results of this strategic plan rather than the process itself. It will represent as a starting point in launching and implementing the most significant development projects that address the needs of the local community. Further, it will conclude by itself the steps that must be taken for this community to achieve the vision that this community with the input of senior staff, deem critical for achieving its vision.  Nablus Municipality believes that using such methodology in developing its strategic plan would ensure keys of success in achieving Nablus community vision in compliance with that of the municipality.  

Nablus Municipality Strategic Plan 2007-2009

The Strategic Plan of Nablus Municipality characterizes with elasticity, developed and being updated in accordance to the complex emergencies evolve in the city. The state of political instability of Nablus city evolved since the outbreak of the Palestinian defense against occupation in September 2000 and the Israeli continuous devastation of public and private properties of Nablus Municipality impedes to great extent planning and development process. However, Nablus Municipality considers the external factors as well as the state of domestic anarchy pre-dominating the city when developing its strategic plan. The new municipal elected council focuses on improving the quality of its municipal services in parallel with building capacities and competencies of its local staff, taking into consideration the main directions as stipulated in the strategic plan of Nablus city.  The Municipality strategic plan comprises of seven strategic approaches linked with direct and indirect strategic objectives. The entire departments and organizational units of the municipality are responsible to achieve the strategic goals and objectives which were clearly defined according to the municipality organizational structure developed recently. Responsibilities of the municipal officials are not limited to a pure service oriented delivery and direct vital services to the public, yet, the staff is also part of the decision making and planning process. The municipality is a national entity that contributes in achieving general objectives at the national and international levels. The following are a highlight on the main high priorities associated with general objectives for Nablus Municipality  

Nablus Municipality Proposed Strategic Plan for 2005-2009

Theme # 1 : Ensure a state of stability, security and the rule of law inside the city

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes الرقم
Achieve a more stable situation that would increase the number of foreign visitors and tourist to the city. Reinforce the role of municipal police forces by increasing deployment in the entire parts of the city to ensure effective performance. 1.1
Minimize the local community disputes and accidents. Eliminate the state of chaos and anarchy inside the city through disarming process among militant groups except for members of security forces. 1.2
Improve and encourage economic growth. Implement a sound planning and organization system particularly at the central part of the city. 1.3
  Organize the traffic system and allocate public spaces to be used as parking areas through imposition of traffic tickets for those who breach the traffic law. 1.4

Theme # 2 : Developing, improving and diversifying customers’ services

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Achieve the maximum level of counter transaction to reach 90% of total complaints and transactions within the time defined by municipality. Increase the level of counter transactions achieved with the time limit defined by the municipality 2.1
Build bridges and promote confidence between the public and the municipality. Commence focusing on new services to cover all segments of Nablus society including women, children and elders. 2.2
Build bridges and promote confidence between the public and the municipality. Save customers’ time and efforts through establishing and creating a one-stop-shop center namely “Customer Service Center” 2.3

Theme # 3 : Improving and maintaining the infrastructural utilities of the city

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Achieve a total of 58 retaining walls and 85 public stairs to secure public and private properties and to eliminate soil erosions. Construct retaining walls and public stairs in the less privileged areas in the city. 3.1
Accomplish at least 50% of the main roads and other location within the main residential areas. Construct and maintain internal and main roads of the city in addition of establishing the necessary side walks. 3.2
Achieve maintenance of 10 length km of sewerage network and 6.5 km length new networks. More efficiency in operating the sewerage system through rehabilitation process and establishment of new sewerage pipe lines in other areas. 3.3
Increase expansion of urban growth to cover surrounding towns and villages supported by municipality services. Upgrade and improve the capacity and quality of electricity power supply. 3.4
Maintaining healthy environment and increase service provision to the public. Establishing, maintain and rehabilitating water networks and water wells. 3.5
Improve the quality of education and eliminate the evening shift. Establishing schools 3.6
Decrease the percentage of community areas that lack infrastructural facilities. Ensuring efficient distribution of community facilities in all areas of Nablus city. 3.7

Theme # 4 : Maintaining and conserving environment, public health and safety

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Cover the 5% areas that are not included in the sewerage system. Maintaining food and drinking water safety according to the standard specification. 4.1
Improve ambient air quality. Expanding the sewerage network to include other areas in the sewage system. 4.2
Maintain the preserve public health and eliminate epidemic diseases Increase the average of waste treatment and focus on waste recycling. 4.3
  Fighting infectious insects and rats in all areas of the city. 4.4
  Allocating dumpsters for medical solid waste 4.5
  Activating social awareness campaigns on a more hygiene and healthy city 4.6

Theme # 5 : Creating innovative initiatives to motivate human resources

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Increase employees’ satisfaction and ensure job security and satisfaction to all employees. Developing and improving the organizational structure of the municipality. 5.1
Increase employees’ participation in work improvement and involve them in decision making process. Encouraging employees to take innovative initiatives in different aspects of municipal services through new ideas, proposals and suggestions. 5.2
Create self confidence and enforce the value of loyalty. Reducing the rate of turnover 5.3
Improve the overall performance of the municipality and invest in human resources at a time. Improve employees’ potential and competencies through delegation of authorities. 5.4
  Involve all categories of employees in capacity building and training programs. 5.5

Theme # 6: Empower and promote cooperative relations with stakeholders

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Building confidence between stakeholders and the municipality. Improving satisfaction of strategic partners and donors. 6.1
Obtain the financial support needed for infrastructural services. Increasing satisfaction with service providers, vendors and suppliers 6.2
Achieve solidarity of the international community
Activating relations with twinned cities and international community through joint projects and instant communications. 6.3

Theme # 7 : Enhancing financial efficiency and effectiveness

Objectives Priorities and Main Themes Num
Achieve the maximum revenues from municipal resources. Achieve the maximum investment of municipality resources. 7.1
Ensure long run sustainability. Increase revenues and budgetary to the maximum level 7.2
Improve the quality of services and conduct the necessary maintenance for municipal properties. Minimizing as much as possible operational expenditures. 7.3
  Updating and maintaining the municipal inventory and other utilities. 7.4
  Maintaining self sufficiency 7.5

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