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Children Happiness Center


The Children Happiness Center was founded in 1998 in the Eastern part of Nablus and was initiated by Nablus Municipality in cooperation and sponsorship of the Welfare Association. The Center was built on a total land of 8000 mand receives male and female children with maximum age of 14 years old. The annual membership is symbolic to enable a large number of children to become members and friends of the center and they can be involved in voluntary works. The reason behind collecting these symbolic fees is to create a spirit of loyalty among children and to empower their capacities. Three thousand four hundred children from the Nablus city, villages and refugees camps benefit from the Center’s activities.

The Center is being managed by a Board of Trustees consists of members of the city council and figures from the local community who are experts in the field of children.

Contact person: Ms. Hala Karsou’

For information, please contact Nablus Municipality

Tel. 972-9-2379313, Fax 972-9-2374690

Mobile, 059-22607

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.www.nablus.org


The main objectives of the Center are:

1)   Promoting social and cultural life of children.

2)   Building the talents and capacities of children through playing method

3)   Develop the positive behavior among children

4)   Invest children’s leisure time through educational curricula


Center’s Components

1)   Play yards for children provided with games such as football, basketball and handball.

2)   External stage provided with cinema presenting documentary, educational and entertainment films for children.

3)   Chess yard

4)   Cafeteria

Center’s Activities

·Hosts different festivals for national and social occasions.

·Graduation celebrities for different ages.

·Traditional Palestinian Dancing (Dabkeh)

·Football team

·Cultural competition between members and others from outside.

·Sport games between members and other teams from outside.

·Chess competition

·Different drawing workshops

·Field trips inside and outside the city

Future Plans

·    The center is planning to build an internal multi-purpose hall to serve the center’s activities during the wintertime in order to maintain sustainability of its activities.

·    Develop the external games and obtain new games in appropriate with children ages.

·    Build swimming pools for children.

Friends’ Club

The Friends’ Club of the Children Happiness Center consists of members over 14 years old from both sexes whose membership was terminated due to the fact that the center’s services do not fulfil their needs and aspirations.


·          Emphasize the principle of former members’ continuity with the center.

·          Promote leadership qualities among youth and train them on supervision functions.

·          Strengthen loyalty and cooperation values in addition to voluntary and teamwork attributes among youth.

·          Involve youth in organization of festivals and activities conducted by the center.


–          The former members are divided into different committees such as Cleaning Committees, Reception Committee, First Aid Committee, and Photography Committee.

–          The members will be subject to training courses on communication skills, conflict resolution practices between children.

Scouts Team

The number of this group is twenty one from both sexes playing on all musical instruments in different national and religious occasions wearing a very distinguished uniform.

Children meetings with their separated parents

The children meet their separated parents at the center through an official request submitted to the court by the department of Social Affairs. The meetings take place twice a week and the number of cases is fourteen till present.

The program is supervised by the head of Care and Childhood Division at the Department of Social Affairs in Nablus in cooperation with the head of the Children Happiness Center.

The center secures an appropriate psychological environment for children and their separated parents in addition to the necessary protection due to the confidentiality of the issue. The center is a substitute for the Police center where this type of sensitive activity used to take place with its inconvenient atmosphere. This category of children also participates in the center’s entertainment activities.

Football Team

The football team consists of permanent members of the center and they are well trained on the international football game rules. The team is being supervised by professional trainers from the “Italian Inter Milan Team” and it participates in a number of courtesy football games with other football teams and clubs in Italy.

The Stage Monitor

This monitor is provided with cinema shows that enable presenting educational and academic programs within specialized topics and discuss different issues.

Open Days

Conduct an open day for the boycott of the Israeli commodities and support local and national products. These days take place on the Center’s land for the exposition of local and national products and was attended by a number of prominent figures namely the Mayor, governor, deputy minister of supply and a significant number of public and private institutions.

Conduct a public open day for drawing entitled “Sun for All” with the participation of big number of children with age category 6-12 at the Martyr’s Circle. As this area was blocked by Israeli authorities, children in this feel secured, play in a friendly atmosphere, free to express their feelings and sentiments in an open and natural environment different from restriction imposed on them. This represents a message from Palestinian children to children in different parts of the world that they have the full right for life and freedom.

The drawings reflect the daily frequent features of the Palestinian daily life. This activity was covered by audio and visual media.


·Festival for Union of the Handicapped: this festival was attended by a large number of institutions. It included competitions and distribution of musical instruments and presents among handicapped to enable them participate in songs and music activities.

·Palestinian Children Festival (5 April each year): this festival is conducted on Children Happiness Center’s stage each year.

·International Elders’ Festival (1/10/2003): This festival is conducted each year and attended by a large number of concerned parties, public and private institutions, charitable societies in addition to the elders themselves. Traditional Palestinian dancing and songs were among activities of the festival such as Dabkeh, & Zajal, An-Najah National University music team contributed in distributing presents and playing music to the elders.

·The Center hosts a large number of kindergartens and summer clubs to implement entertainment programs and educational activities inside the Center. Moreover, targeted plays were conducted on the external stage of the Center which is furnished with sound and light systems.

Nablus Municipality
P.O Box 218
Telephone (Central):  09-2390000
Telephone (Management): 09-2379313
Fax: 09-2374690
Email: nablus@nablus.org
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