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Nablus Cultural Center

he newly established Nablus Cultural Center has been initiated recently in 2003. The Center is sponsored by the family of a Palestinian prominent figure Hamde Manko in cooperation and contribution of the Welfare Association. An in-kind financial support represented the Municipality contribution of a land property. The Center is considered among remarkable achievements of Nablus Municipality in terms of its planned diversity of activities that address the needs of children and youth in Nablus district. It is anticipated that this center would contribute in improving and enriching the cultural, social, health, education and scientific capacities of this important segment as well as local inhabitants of Nablus. The center will be able to cover not only the local citizens, but also inhabitants who are living in 54 houses complexes in the neighborhood area.

Contact Person: Mr. Anwar El Mahrom

Nablus, Jafa Street

Tel. 972-9-2391065, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.nablu.org

Goals and Philosophy

1.      Provide permanent self-learning facilities for children through giving opportunities to have an access to all fields of human knowledge and information.

2.      Promote concepts of children’s rights such as freedom of expression and guidance of their social behavior in a proper manner.

3.      Build children capacities and mental abilities through conducting diversity of social, political and cultural activities. Such activities will include workshops, social gathering, training on science, arts, music and other activities that contribute to build their civil society.

4.      Hold daily effective activities and programs that aim at achieving the center’s general philosophy.

5.      Invest children leisure time through conducting entertainment activities that would achieve happy and prosperous life to our children.

General Philosophy:

The general philosophy of the center is based on the following:

  1. Comprehensive vision towards the future as well as the outputs desired to be achieved.
  2. Maintaining positive and homogeneous balance between the inputs and the outputs, on one hand, and the goals to be in appropriate with the reality on the other hand.
  3. Practical applicability of the planned goals.
  4. The philosophy receives the acceptance and satisfaction of the surrounding social environment, and to be in full harmony with the prevailing values.

General Description

The Nablus Municipality Cultural Center is located to the West Part of Nablus City and was established within Nablus Gardens namely; Jamal Abdul Naser Gardens. The location is one of the most striking areas made it convenient as cultural and entertainment facility for youth and children due to its proximity to residential vicinity, public transportation and the public park of Nablus Municipality. The Center is bordered by the Italian Garden “Florence” and a play ground for Tennis Court game in addition to a plan for constructing a swimming pool and Luna Park to the North part of the center, while a wide space of green land located to the east part of the building tailored exclusively as safe play area for children. As for the south, a vacant land was prepared to be used as parking lots and for a number of outdoor activities.

The total area of the center is 2500 square meter, while the total built area is 1400 square meters for each floor. The building comprises of two floors each contains different multifunction facilities as described below.

1st Floor

1)      Administration offices, Kitchen and bathrooms

2)      Multipurpose hall caters more than 150-200 persons.

3)      Lobby (Reception) area

4)      Children Public Library

5)      Two halls dedicated for Future Kids project to be used for Information Technology training and both will contain a reasonable number of desktop computers and training monitors.

6)      Premise for the Mobile Library

Basement Floor

This floor was fully dedicated for the “We Are the Future” project, which is funded by the Italian “Glocal Forum” Foundation in cooperation with The World Bank. This floor consists of the following facilities:

1)      Arts and music workshop room dedicated for We Are The Future (WAF) children. 

2)      Computer lab equipped with 14 PCs to train WAF children of different ICT skills. 

3)      WAF’s Nutrition and Agriculture training hall

4)      Management room equipped with computer and printer dedicated for the WAF youth coordinators.

5)      Sports training hall dedicated for WAF sports sector.

6)      IT training hall managed by Sharek Youth Forum.

7)      In addition to the above mentioned, the basement floor contains health units s and a number of vacant halls expected to be used in the future for different purposes and activities like children’s studio and music workshop.

8)      The center is also surrounded with a big piece of land where a mini soccer filed donated by FIFA has been constructed in the back yard of the centre. The soccer field is being used by WAF children and other local youth organizations in the city of Nablus.

9)      A 1400 square meters  piece of land located few meters to the west of the centre was leveled and fenced to become a micro garden where WAF youth and children can learn how to organically plant and grow different plants, especially organic vegetables. The micro garden project is funded by Regio Emilia Municipality in Italy.

Nablus Municipality
P.O Box 218
Telephone (Central):  09-2390000
Telephone (Management): 09-2379313
Fax: 09-2374690
Email: nablus@nablus.org
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