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The Public Library


The Public Library of Nablus Municipality considered among significant and eminent entities founded by the Municipality since its inception in 1869. Establishment of the Public Library has had a tangible transformation in the cultural life of Nablus city. The significance of the Public Library lies on its location as it substituted the public park named Al-Manshiya during the Ottoman era.

Since its inception 1969, the library has stepped forward to cope with the global systems used in classification of international libraries as it became a distinctive entity and among cultural and educational land marks in the city. It contributed in creating a cultural environment that promotes and enriches people’s knowledge and education.

The average number of its beneficiaries is 750 from both sexes and in different age categories. The total number of employees is 46 distributed among entire divisions in addition to 6 workers. (See chart)

Table # (1)

Distribution of workers by Two Variables (Gender & Education)

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Education level Males % Females % Total %
Secondary certificate 3 27,25 12 34,3 15 32,6%
College 8 22.85 8 17,4
Library & Info. Diploma 1 9.10 8 22.85 9 19.6
Bachelor 5 45.45 7 20 12 26.1
Masters 2 18.2     2 4.3
Ph.D & above
Total 11 100 35 100 46 100

Contact Person (Head): Mr. Dirar Toukan


Nablus, Shwetreh Str.

Tel. 972-9-2383356 Fax 972-9-2374690

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.nablus.org


1-   Promoting local culture among Nabulsi people in particular and the Palestinians in general.

2-   Encouraging local citizens to invest their leisure time in an effective manner.

3-   Adopting the popular literature and advocate for it so that citizens are attracted to it, enjoying and appreciate it.

4-   Improving social and economic development through securing tools of free scientific research.

5-   Encouraging talents of scientific, literature and arts and propagating creative production in this respect at a wide level.


Activities & Components


Library Components

1-   Administration

2-   The Secretariat

3-   Technical assistance

4-   Information center

5-   References, special groups and other languages (English, Germany, Hebrew)

6-   Periodicals

7-   Qadri Touqan Library

8-   Achieve and documentation center

9-   Xeroxing and copying services

10-   Children section

11-   Amnesty International publications

12-   Palestinian Prisoner’s Library

13-   The Historical Library of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fanni

14-   Publications of Arab Union Center

Organization and Training

The Public library has had numerous contributions in organizing schools’ libraries and training many librarians as follows:

·         Tamoon Secondary School

·         Bourin Secondary School

·         Kamal Jumbalt School

·         Till School

·         Rashda Al-Masri School

·         Othman Ibn Affan School

·         Einaboos School

·         Rafidia Girls’ School

·         Al-Karmel School

·         Al-Fatimiya School

·         Al-Bayrouni Secondary School/Toubas

·         Azzoun School

The Cultural Role of the Library

The library renders numerous cultural, intellectual and artistic services to the citizens through organizing expositions and conducting lectures, seminars, symposia and poetry forums. Also, the Library organizes several annual and periodical exhibitions for talented and professional artists such as the exhibition of the fine arts, children drawings and students arts galleries. These galleries aim at promoting art’s initiatives and improving their talents. Furthermore, the Library took the initiative to publish works for a number of Nabulsi intellectuals and artists namely; Dr, Qadri Touqan, the martyred poet Abdel Rahim Mahmoud, and the advocate and famous author Adel Zu’aiter. Nevertheless, this cultural and intellectual motion was obstructed due to the difficult political circumstances the city encountered.

In the area of arts, the notion of establishing the “Zaytoun Stage” was launched following the municipal council elections in 1976. An ad hoc founding committee was formed of local intellectuals who drew the first draft of the players’ team system. The main objective behind this notion is to vitalize and preserve the Palestinian culture and promote popular arts of the city.

International Activities

The library activities were not limited to render informative services only, but also its programs were broadened to include the survey research and studies in many areas of concern to the people. It participated in various seminars and workshops locally and internationally.

At the local level, the library was cautious to establish strong and intimate positive relations with many educational institutions seeking to strengthen awareness among students and other segments of our society on the value of knowledge and culture and means of support and promotion.

Nablus Municipality
P.O Box 218
Telephone (Central):  09-2390000
Telephone (Management): 09-2379313
Fax: 09-2374690
Email: nablus@nablus.org
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