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Nablusi and Palestinian products are strongly present in the Christmas markets in Nuremberg and Boulder.


With the end of each calendar year, many major European and American cities organize open markets to display and sell many products, as these markets bring millions of shoppers from around the world as part of the traditions of celebrating Christmas.

As of beginning of December this year 2019, the city of Nuremberg of which had a cooperative agreement with Nablus, has opened the glorious Christmas market reflecting friendship and solidarity with Nablus, included a special booth for exhibiting and selling many Nablus and Palestinian tradition products such as hand embroideries made by women of the city, food products in various Types, especially sweets, thyme, olive oil, pickles, olive oil soap, and other products that the Nablus-Nuremberg Friendship Association buys from Nablus and sells them at the designated corner in the market.

Nablus booth is being demonstrated by a general view of Nablus city, and being supervised by a group of German volunteers from the members of Nablus-Nuremberg Friendship Association, including Dr. Paul Browne, president of the association, and its members, Prof. Wolfgang Mayer and Rami Al-Masri, who coordinate the friendship between the two cities. The value of profits is to be allocated for women embroidery workers, while excess fund is to be allocated for supporting the INNA initiatives in Nablus.

According to a press report prepared and published by Deutsche Welle news channel (DW) on the Internet, more than two million people from all over the world visit this market, which covers an area of more than five thousand square meters, and includes more than two hundred booths.

More than eight thousand kilometers away, and similar to its German counterpart, the city of Boulder in the state of Colorado organizes a similar Christmas Market. The Nablus-Boulder Friendship Association has its own booth within this market, which includes many Nablus and Palestinian products that are increasingly popular among Boulder residents, which is the only American city that has had twinning ties with Nablus since 2017.

The aim of such activities, which are carried out in direct coordination with Nablus municipality and other city institutions, is to spread awareness among the residents of these cities about the Palestinian issue, and to expose the culture and civilization of the Palestinian people that is threatened by the specter of deformation and extinction due to the Israeli occupation

Nablus Municipality participates in the Annual Silk Road Conference in China


Nablus Municipality, represented by councilor Mr. Alaa Al-Kharouf, participated in the annual international conference organized by the Silk Road Chamber of Commerce of which headquarters based in the city of Hong Kong from 08-11/12/2019. The conference entitled Urban Cities Alliance was held in held in Zhangiajie District in China.

The major theme of the conference is to promote dialogue between the member cities in the Silk Road to achieve urban development and discuss the future plan for tourism, urban development, and the development of the transportation sector in the cities of the world, in compatible with economic, population and environmental challenges, to achieve sustainable development. The conference also set up mechanisms to benefit the less fortunate cities from the experiences of developed urban cities. The conference represented as a platform for exchange of expertise and information in various sectors of work, with special focus on the sectors of culture, education, tourism and transportation, due to the central role of cities in urban development.

To achieve this, the participants recommended the necessity for establishing a development advisory services platform, and building a database on alliance cities to benefit from the experiences of these cities and promote them at all levels. It also a modern tool to encourage the transfer of culture through organizing exhibitions, scientific research and educational initiatives.

During the conference, Mr. Al-Kharouf met with a number of prominent figures and those in charge of the conference, including the mayor of the city, several mayors from Italy, Greece and Uzbekistan, and the vice-president of the Silk Road Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Kharouf introduced them to the history of the Nablus municipality, the strategic projects that are being implemented, and a list of cities that have a twinning relationship and cooperation with a city Nablus.

It is noteworthy that Nablus Municipality has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce Silk Road and it became the member of the organization mentioned in more than two years.

The German women’s delegation visits Zafer Al-Masri School


For the progress of the project Sun Bird

Within the program of visiting the women’s delegation coming from the German city of Nuremberg, of which linked with Nablus through cooperative relationship, the delegation visited Zafer Al-Masri School, one of the targeted schools in the Sunbird project, sponsored by Nablus-Nurnberg Association.

The delegation was accompanied by Raja Al-Taher, director of public relations of Nablus Municipality, Alaa Jetan, project coordinator, Ruba Al-Masri, media coordinator, Noor Hanbali of international relations in the municipality, and Rifif Malhas, In-Charge of woman’s portfolio, in addition to Mr. Ammar Al-Sader, representative of the Nablus Nuremberg Society in Nablus.

The Sunbird project aims to raise awareness among school students about the importance of maintaining cleanliness of schools and thei internal and external environment, to achieve the overall theme of the project, which is "towards clean and green Nablus". The project was implemented in four schools surrounding the old city: Abdulatif Hawash School, Al-Ghazalya School, Abdul-mogheth Al-Ansari and Thafer Al-Masri.

The women delegation met the principal of the school, Mrs. Intisar Al-Ghoul, and Mrs. Asmaa Al-Shuli, Director of the School Health Department in the Education Directorate in addition to a number of teachers and project coordinators at the school, and listened to the positive reactions about the project, where Al-Ghoul expressed her thanks and appreciation to Nablus Municipality, which didn't leaves its impact on the environment, the interior and the exterior of the school not only, but also works to correct the practices of students, improve their culture, and the attitudes of their families. She appealed to the municipality to continue cooperation with the school in this regard.

The delegation watched the creative and purposeful play in which school students participated, highlighting the preservation of the cleanliness of streets and public places, and the disposal of solid waste in a healthy and safe way through sorting and disposal to the final destination in a scientific manner.

Mayor Tubaila receives a women delegation from Nuremberg.


As an extension of the cooperation relationship between the Nablus municipality and the Nuremberg municipality, Eng. Samih Tubila, the mayor of Nablus, and a member of the Municipal Council, Mrs. Samah Al-Kharouf, received a delegation that included Mrs. Karen, a member of the municipal council in the German city, and Ms. Ann Marie, a member of the administrative committee of the Friendship Association between the two cities. The delegation was also received by Mrs. Rajaa Al-Taher, director of public and international relations in Nablus municipality, Ms. Sana Al-Atabeh, coordinator of women's programs at the Center for Women's Studies, and Mr. Ammar Al-Sader, a representative of the Nablus Nuremberg Society.

Tubila expressed his gratitude with the cooperation relationship between the cities of Nablus and Nuremberg, which led to many projects and initiatives that targeted a number of sectors, the most important of which was the alternative energy project in the western waste water treatment plant, and supplying Nablus municipality with four waste cars and two fire engines, in addition to technical support and expertise in several areas. Tubaileh praised the feminist initiatives and projects that are currently being implemented between the two sides, including the recently implemented sunbird project in a number of old town schools and with the support of the Twinning Society with the aim of raising awareness among students of the importance of hygiene in schools and districts of the city surroundings.

This visit comes to identify the most important challenges and difficulties facing Palestinian women at all levels, especially with regard to achieving equal rights and work opportunities and their participation in decision-making at all levels, where members of the delegation clarified that there are similarities between the challenges faced by Palestinian women with their counterparts German, despite the different political and social circumstances.

The delegation’s program included meetings with official and civil institutions, the first of which was a meeting with the Governor of Nablus, General Ibrahim Ramadan, and Mrs. Anan Al-Atera, Deputy Governor, during which the political situation in the Palestinian territories and the role of European countries in supporting the peace process and achieving the Palestinian dream in the two-state solution were reviewed. While Mrs. Al-Attira spoke about the challenges and prospects available for advancing the reality of Palestinian women and exchanging information in this regard. This was followed by a meeting with the Little Hands Society, during which they met Mrs. Fadia Al-Masry and a number of the association's members. Female members of the delegation also participated in the conference against women violence held at An-Najah National University and visited a program for women's studies and a number of university facilities. The delegation's visit lasts for a few days, during which workshops and lectures are held in cooperation with the Center for Feminist Studies in the Old City and the Women's Military Center and extended meetings to discuss ways of cooperation between the two sides with a view to coming up with community initiatives to be implemented between the two sides.

Nablus Municipality is looking at ways to cooperate with the French Consulate


Eng. Sameeh Tubaila was delighted to meet with French Deputy Consul Mr. Remy Poleg, referring to the depth of the relationship between the French and Palestinian peoples in support to the Palestinian cause. Mr. Tubaila spoke about the twinning relationship that are more than twenty years between Nablus and Lille Municipality, which led to many developmental projects and cultural exchange between the two sides, the most important project of urban plan and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the city.

In a separate meeting, the French delegation also met, which included the French Education and Language Officer at the Consulate, Eng. Muhammad Al-Shannar, Deputy Mayor and Mrs. Samah Al-Kharouf, Responsible for the Cultural Committee in the Municipality, in the presence of Mr. Ayman Al-Shaka'a, Director of the Multipurpose Community Resource Development Center and Mrs. Rajaa Al-Taher, Director of Public and International Relations . Al-Kharouf presented a summary of the role of the Nablus municipality in promoting the cultural aspects of the city through the five cultural centers of the municipality, which are the primary incubators for the cultural movement in the city, and which offer various programs and projects targeting various societal groups. Al-Kharouf added that Nablus municipality is one of the most active institutions at the national level in terms of international relations, especially with the cities that have a twinning relationship. She added that the municipality is currently seeking to consolidate the relationship with Arab cities, including the cities of Marsa and Tunisia, explaining that a delegation from the Nablus municipality will visit the city of Marsa during This month to sign a twinning agreement with her, and twinning with the Tunisian capital is taking place over the next year. On the needs of Nablus city from the projects, Al-Kharouf pointed out the urgent need to establish a cultural palace and a model museum, given that Nablus is a cultural and historical center par excellence.

Eng. Mohamed Al-Shunnar, highlighted the importance of establishing youth incubators similar to those in Lille with a focus on the technology sector, with a view to absorbing the large numbers of university graduates, directing their interests to create their own projects and shifting their attitudes from job seekers to productive project owners, to be These incubators are a center for entrepreneurship. He added that the municipality is currently working on implementing the vocational school project in the western region of the city so that it contributes in directing the young groups to the importance of learning professions and other trades to bridge the gap in different sectors of the professions and crafts.

Mr. Remy said that the French government is sticking to its supportive stances towards the Palestinian issue, and his country's readiness to provide support and financing to Palestinian development projects through the French Development Agency, explaining that there is an increase in the volume of support to UNRWA for the employment of refugees. He expressed his pride in the twin relationship with the Nablus Municipality, which was celebrated the 20th anniversary of this relationship, which he considers distinct and fruitful. On the sidelines of the visit, the French delegation visited the Multipurpose Community Resource Development Center, where it opened an exhibition of art entitled From the Galilee to Jerusalem.

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