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Health and Environmental Department

This department is responsible for a drinkable water provision to the citizens living in the city and surrounding refugee camps. Furthermore, the department carries out duties such as the installation and maintaining of waste water networks within the city boundaries including the surrounding refugees camps, covering about 96% of the entire served population and areas. The department also contributes to improving the environmental status through establishing water treatment plants used for agricultural purposes. The Department includes four main divisions, namely: Administrative and Financial Division, Projects, Water Operations and Strategic Division. 


-Health and Environmental Department Report 2018

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is mainly responsible for developing strategic projects in line with the Master Plan of Nablus city, and this includes road and pavement construction and maintenance, and the building of schools and public utilities necessary for city expansion and population growth. The organizational structure of this department includes a number of divisions and units, namely: Projects, Urban Development, Public works, Zoning and Licensing, Technical Support, and Old City Unit. 

Customer Services Center

Among its vision to improve its services and enhance the overall performance to render the best quality of services rendered to the public, a new section named: Customers’ Service Center has been created, considered among pioneer initiatives at the national level.  Since citinzens’ satisfaction is the major goal that Nablus Municipality is keen to achieve, the municipal council envisaged creating the Customer’s Service Center as it believes the significance to improve the relation between the municiaplity and the local citizens through improving the overall performance by rendering high quality of services based on One Stop Concept. Using such methodology will ensure achieving all undertakings, saving time and effort to both citizens and staff at a time. It is an ideal tool for controlling the process of all undertakings through different departments and sections within the municipality through an exclusive software which has been created and developed to achieve this goal. A group of staff member have been subject to an intensive training and became friendly users to this software as well the know-how of work mechanism with relevant departments. 

1- Receives all municipality undertakings in a unified destination. 
2- Facilitates and smooth the process of citizens applications. 
3- Follow-up electronically the process of undertakings to avoid losses 
4- Esnures sound monitoring and control on all undertakings and finalize them in timely fashion. 
5- Minimizes burden of intensive and unorganized referrals to ensure a better performance of the center. 
6- Receives all types of compliants and addresses all needs of citizens. 
7- Achieves transprancy and open door policy to all citiznes by toruble shooting when meeting with mayor bi-weekly. 

The Center comprises of the following units: 
1- Information Unit: The aim of this unit is to answer any queries addressed by the citizens, provides guidance on means of applications and the relevant needed documents. 
2- Reception Desk: this unit receives all citizens undertakings and provide the applicant with timetable receipt indicating estimated time of completion. 
3- Follow-Up Unit: through this unit, the applicant can monitor and follow up the process of his/her application and receive the completed undertaking in timely fashion as referred to in the receipt. 
4- Accounting Unit: this unit is responsible for moitoring all financial transactions related to citizens undertakings. 
5- Phone Information Unit: This unit is still in process and will be functioning in the near future. This unit will allow all citizens inquire on their undertakings and provide missing documents through approaching the center by phone. 
6- Meeting with the Mayor: This is allows easy access to all citizens to meet with mayor and discuss complaints directly. 
In order to ensure a comprehensive services to the public, the municipality in cooperation with the Jordan Bank, is currently hosting a banking unit through which all municial financial obligations could be settled to facilitate applicants’ mission. Moreover, another unit of Palestinian Telecommunication has also been initiated within the center for achieve comprehensive services in a unified place. 

The Customers’ Service Center is currently using management and financial information and technology systems. The computerized system is an outcome of a creative product developed locally by the Programming and Development unit of Nablus Municipality. The Center is being managed and operated by 17 staff members (males & females) under the direct supervision of Mr. Sameh Assali, the Center’s Director, while enlisted within the organizational structure under the administrative department. 

Despite the fact that this center is a newly born entity, it is keen to achieve the best quality of services inspired by : We Save Your Efforts 

Nablus Municipality
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