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Financial Department

The Financial Department assumes its activities within two forms of inter-relations with respect to communication and exchange of information. The first one is internal relation within its entire financial divisions at the Municipality, and the second one is the external interaction with the citizens. The department embraces a comprehensive information system for pursuance of its financial activities in accordance with the local government accounting systems and in appropriate with the accounting and information concepts of the financial management in different fields.

During the past years, new organizational and responsive policies with high flexibility have been implemented to meet the financial management needs. Among these policies was the Billing System which was upgraded and is currently in operating process. Furthermore, a computerized accounting and information system is underway. This system will form as part of a comprehensive system aiming at linking all Palestinian municipalities within one financial network that facilitate communication processes. Due to its multi-functional activities and its level of accurateness, the department created an ideal environment for implementing, experimenting and upgrading of such system. Meanwhile, the department is in process of endorsing a unified financial and management system for municipalities to be utilized in the near future. The unified system aims at unifying and linking all municipalities through one data base that will serve decision makers and smooth their mission for the cause of Palestinian economic growth. It will also contribute in implementing an accurate system for monitoring performance of local government bodies.

As Nablus Municipality plays a substantial and significant role in people’s life, its unique services reveals the mulit-system utilized in managing its financial operations. This system reflects the wide range of activities that the department carries out mobilizing a total staff of 191 to render exquisite services to the public.

The department is an important source of information and data bank for decisions making whether at the administrative or at the financial levels. Its organizational structure has flexible and comprehensive attributes in terms of preparing regular financial reports in timely fashion. It also serves other public institutions by providing the necessary data and information needed for analysis, reviewing, and forming strategies.

Nablus Municipality
P.O Box 218
Telephone (Central):  09-2390000
Telephone (Management): 09-2379313
Fax: 09-2374690
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